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Barton Consultancy Pty Ltd was incorporated as Barton Actuarial Services Pty Ltd in June 1994 to acquire the actuarial practice established in 1980 by Dennis Barton.


The practice’s approach to tasks is based on the scientific method and generally includes:-

  • understanding the issues;
  • gathering and analysing data;
  • preparing mathematical models as required;
  • making assumptions;
  • calculating best estimates of the required variables;
  • examining the sensitivity of results to changes in assumptions;
  • examining the statistical distribution of results and
  • fully documenting its actions so that its results can be replicated.


Generally, actuaries are trained in the application of mathematics, particularly statistics, to matters of finance. The practice has been involved in a wide range of activities within that general scope. Because of the breadth of experience and the small size of the practice, one of its particular skills is to take actuarial concepts into areas which are not regarded as traditionally actuarial.
Some areas of expertise are listed below:-

  • Corporate Finance – Financial Modelling; Cash Flow Analysis; Preparation of Submissions to Investors and Valuations.
  • Economic Consulting – Evaluation of Proposals and Preparation of Submissions to Government.
  • Family and Estate Matters – Valuation of Interests in Superannuation Funds; Valuation of Life Tenancies and Reversionary Interests.
  • Friendly Societies – Valuation and Certification and General Consulting.
  • General Calculations – Compound Interest; Animal and Human Population Projections.
  • General Insurance – Liability Assessments and Certification; Premium Setting; Simulation and General Consulting
  • Life Insurance – Policy Valuations and General Consulting.
  • Retirement Villages – Valuation and Certification of Contingent Interests; Demographic Studies; Projections and General Consulting.
  • Statistical Calculations – Experiment Designs; Hypothesis Design and Testing.
  • Superannuation – Certification and Advice on DIY funds; Advice to Providers of Services; Trusteeship and Dispute Resolution.


The practice strives to be a good Australian corporate citizen. To this intent it has:
A commitment to membership of and assistance to charitable organisations;
A commitment to supporting industry and professional associations.

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