The practice exists to help clients make decisions in their business or personal lives. This means that it seeks to ensure that clients understand the circumstances of the decision and to give a clear recommendation where necessary.


The practice seeks to strike a balance avoiding unnecessary work and fees and doing all that is necessary to provide reasoned and properly considered advice. Where necessary, it seeks to help clients make informed decisions on the extent of service required for their tasks.


The practice’s approach to tasks is based on the scientific method and generally includes:-

  • understanding the issues;
  • gathering and analysing data;
  • preparing mathematical models as required;
  • making assumptions;
  • calculating best estimates of the required variables;
  • examining the sensitivity of results to changes in assumptions;
  • examining the statistical distribution of results and
  • fully documenting its actions so that its results can be replicated.


The practice strives to be a good Australian corporate citizen. To this intent it has:-

  • a commitment to membership of and assistance to charitable organisations and
  • a commitment to supporting industry and professional associations.


We encourage our staff to give back to the community in various ways. Dennis is the Treasurer of Future Living Trust and Liz Gliddon is the Secretary of 55 Central Inc both are voluntary positions for these charitable organisations.

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